Are you ready to fight your fears?


Program Intention

To balance emotional perceptions to ensure participants reach their physical, mental and emotional peak ahead of/during fight prep, resulting in greater mental awareness and clarity in times of pressure and greater cardiovascular output potential.

To continue to put Mixed Martial Arts on the scene as a means of human transformation, development and growth, having a ripple effect into other areas of life for participants.

Team and individual specific workshops and programs also available.

Book in a consultation to discuss how I can serve your teams needs.


3 hour workshop covering (but not limited to), the following topics:


Purpose – The ‘Why’:

Axiology (The Values System) – getting clear on the ‘why’ behind committing to Martial Arts/a fight camp. The stronger the cognitive associations the more intrinsic motivation is created.
Identifying the current individual values systems
Linking fight camp and the different aspects of fight prep – nutrition, recovery, etc – to the values systems
Visualisation practices


Nutritional, Recovery and Injury Prevention:

– Tools to maintain a commitment to a nutritional program
– Linking nutritional habits to the values system
– How to avoid nutritional blowouts, binging and disordered eating
– Using mental associations to reduce stress on the body
– Balancing cortisol/stress hormones through mindfulness strategies


Emotional Perceptions:

Management tools for the broad range of emotions ahead of a bout Balancing emotional charges Fear, anxiety and stress management


Post Fight Camp Goal Setting:

Creating a post-camp plan to avoid blowouts, binging or a lack of focus


Q&A Time

Creating a post-camp plan to avoid blowouts, binging or a lack of focus

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